The Advertiser (6 Feb 2019) reported that average prices in Parkside have increased by 22.55% since 2017 and unit (apartment) prices in Adelaide have increased by 4.06% alone in the most recently published quarter (Source: SA Valuer-General). The Advertiser stated that this “will come as fantastic news to many homeowners. It is emphatic evidence of confidence in (the) housing market”.

How can One On The Park ensure I benefit with capital growth opportunities?

When you buy your new apartment at One On The Park, you will buy at 2017 prices with fixed price security until completion. The added benefit is that, whilst you are only paying a 2017 price when settlement, becomes due, the value of both your new apartment and your existing home are steadily increasing in value.

Is Parkside the right location for me?

The Valuer-General’s report also revealed that Parkside out performed all other inner city suburbs in 2018 with the strongest capital growth rate. If you are seeking to downsize to a superb location with unparalleled views that can never be built out, away from the noise and non-stop 24 hour activity associated with city CBD living, and with an enviable capital growth rate then have a closer look at One On The Park.

Sales Enquiry

Two points for TV reception and data will be provided - one in the main bedroom and the other in the living area.

Each apartment will be connected with a reverse cycled air-conditioning system zoned for maximum thermostatically controlled efficiency with automatic and manual controls.

Air ducting and registers will be of a concealed design within ceilings or walls. Separate kitchen recirculation exhaust systems are provided.

The outdoor units for the air conditioning will be located in the basement and on the roof.

There is an allowance for low voltage LED 12 volt lighting. Both bathrooms will have a mechanical extracted ducted exhaust system.

Shared bicycle storage is avaiable to all however is not specifically assigned to any of the apartments.

There is not a provision to install the blinds however the builder will provide a pelmet in the living /dining room allowing for blinds to be hidden when fully open.

Blinds are the preferred window furnishing.

The project manager and the builder is Tritan Corporation Pty Ltd.

The building construction is of concrete and precast concrete panels.

Cage storage is available for specific apartments. Over bonnet storage is also avaiable.

The carpark stacker will have the infrastructure completed for the purchaser to fit at a later stage, meaning concrete slab design has been constructed to take extra weight, as well as making an electrical connection available. Scheme description will nominate the type and brand of stacker that is to be used.

There is 15 stacker car parks available which are not allocated.

Subs in the plans mean areas that are connected to the apartment such as the car park and the balcony areas.

The vehicle spaces vary in size from 2.45m wide to 2.5m wide by 5.5m long.
Australia Standard height 2.2m, entry to carpark 2.3m. Total height is 3m down to 2.2m after overhead services.

If you prefer to select your own appliances and flooring, you can request a credit from the builder to purchase your own after settlement.

The ceiling height to the main living and bedroom area is 2.7m high with bathrooms kitchen and passage heights at 2.4m.

There will be a gas centralised reticulated hot water system throughout the building.

This is the time the plan is deposited at the LTO to enable settlements to happen and is referred to as a pick up authority. Titles have been processed but it can take up to 8 weeks for the LTO to complete their issue. Banks do settle on the deposit off the plan, and this happens on all new projects.

To the rear of the complex is the community barbeque garden area. The steam room and gym are located on level 1.

 One on the Park is complete and ready for purchasers to move in.

There will be a strata manager running the day to day needs of the building. The lot holders will then decide whether a full time building manager is required.

The construction completion is certified by the Builder, Architect and Building Certifier to enable the sign offs required to achieve Practical Completion, and the deposit off the plan for settlements to take place.

The deposit clause amounts and dates will be filled out by Rob McWilliams.

Minor variations only. 

The electrical distribution board will be located on the passage wall side adjacent to the refrigerator space.

The building will include;
• up to date fire services designed to comply with all BCA and MFS requirements
• strategically deployed Fire Hose Reels (FHR) as required
• an automatic fire sprinkler system will serve the new building
• fire Indicator Panel (FIP) including smoke and fire detection connected to a EWIS system
• direct phone link and 24/7 monitoring of the fire systems by the MFS
• strategically located emergency and exit lighting as required
• all fire rating provisions as required by the BCA for compartmentisation and overall safety.

Please make an appointment to inspect the luxury finishes at One on the Park.

The type of floor finishes is nominated in the specifications.

A bulk hot water system will be used for all apartments, provided in a looped system with individual apartment hot water use being metered separately.

All meters to be read remotely from street level.

All apartments will have gas hotplates - anticipated gas consumption cost of about $2.50 per week.

All balconies will have a gas connection.

All apartments will be metered and billed separately.

1 remote will be provided for each carpark.

GST is inclusive in our list price - the special conditions always take precedence.

The kitchen cabinetry includes drawers and cupboards.

No land tax is payable by you at settlement if it will be your principal place of residence, but the developer will pay an amount tht is also adjusted at settlement.

The lift capacity is 15 – 16 person and is 1.5/2m deep x 2.4m high.

Access to daylight will be provided for all residential areas. Where possible, common areas will utilise controlled daylight, and where not possible, lighting will be powered by renewable energy from the rooftop solar panels. Generally light fittings shall be selected for energy efficiency and will be provided in accordance with the requirements of the BCA.

We will endeavour to have all the available updated technology available at One on the Park.

Noise and heat insulation is achieved with the use of a solar, acoustic glass design.

The property is owned freehold by the developer and associated entity Aestus Pty Ltd.

The project manager is Tritan Corporation Pty Ltd.

Insurance is at the vendors risk up to settlement, at which time the corporation will take over. The purchaser must still have contents insurance after settlement. Please note, the special condition prevails.

Storage areas are as nominated on the plan.

The apartments will be serviced via an access and video-intercom control system. This allows access control for the main entry and lift access to a particular floor or apartment. A proximity card or similar access control will provide security to the car-parking facility.

External areas will have adequate safety lighting and a CCTV monitoring system.

The memorandum of transfer is a document that is delivered to both parties for signing and is usually handled by the conveyancers. It is a document that is passed from vendor to the purchaser recording the sale and ownership of the property.

Roof mounted 10kw solar photovoltaic arrays for renewable energy, to common areas, lighting and ventilation systems to offset energy usage and costs.

The system will be designed by professionals and installed by experienced tradesmen.

This is an adjustment clause for utilities that would be proportioned both ways at settlement.

One on the Park is under a community strata title.

The sunset date nominated is the 30th June 2020.

Concrete around 200mm thick.

Balcony areas of many apartments include gas or water - please confirm with the agent when inspecting. A powerpoint is included on all balconies.

This is referring to the carpark lot entitlements. There may be a structural requirement to adjust the carpark position, but a carpark will always still be allocated to each apartment.

All dwellings will have a natural ventilation option. Mechanical venting for all bathrooms and toilets is included in accordance with BCA requirements.

There are no development proposals that we are aware of that will restrict any views from One on the Park.

Internal walls are 90mm thick, including 70mm steel studs and insulation with 10mm gyprock.

The walls between neighbours are constructed to comply with BCA Code.

Each apartment will have its own water and sewer account charged directly by the utility to the registered owner. Hot water is metered on consumption and charged directly by Origin Energy to each user. Water fittings will be selected for efficiency and economic water use.

Window glass is laminated and 6.3mm tinted.